Premier League is the most popular league in the world today.
So then why is the world questioning whether or not it is the best league in the world?
It’s the high intensity, speed and power of the home grown players, as well as the
variety of international culture that brings this league to a whole different
But Chelsea’s crash on Wednesday evening put everything back in perspective. Fans
started doubting their own beliefs and neutrals couldn’t believe what they had witnessed.
It was the downfall of a hero – as unexpected by their followers as by their
Ahead of my first Chelsea game, Ray Wilkins told me: “Make sure the fans feel your
hunger to win, your skill and intelligence in reading the game, and I assure you,
they will fall in love with you.”
The league is still this same way. There’s heart and passion, and all fans want is
to come out, support their teams and be entertained for 90 minutes. But
sometimes players fall into the trap of playing these same league tactics in
the international tournaments.
When I played for the Netherlands, against England, we came into the game aware that
the 1st half would be a big battle, but by the start of the 2nd half they’d start to loose energy and focus and therefore they’d offer us opportunities to strike them while exposed.
But all the while, I’ve had the pleasure to play many exciting games; there is no comparison
to the atmosphere in the Premiere League. For me it’s always been the most
enjoyable league to play in and to watch. Once you’ve had a taste of it, you’re hooked.
The French league is more technical and has a lot of fast players. PSG will now be
the team that people will keep an eye on, although the French league isn’t at
its best yet.
Siere A is also going through some changes, with their game opening up rather than the
hard, solid defence play they’re used to. Juventus seem like the only team with
the right balance so far, particularly with highly rated young star Paul Pogba
generating several beautiful moments.
The Bundesliga could be the most exciting league to watch at the moment, especially
since all teams competing for the German title are close up together, which
makes for a constant threat because the other team is right behind you, breathing
on your neck.
This is what makes the players perform better, the games exciting to watch and glues
you to your chair for 90 minutes straight.
La Liga is the most elegant league of them all, with players like Cristiano
Ronaldo and Lionel Messi who make the game enjoyable for fans of any sport.
I never want to miss the El Clasico, and whether you’re a fan of the two teams or
not even following the Spanish league, it is always a must watch. Last year
Atletico showed a mix of hard work and class to clinch the title. This is the
perfect league for a young upcoming player to learn about tactical game plan
and the technical ability you’ll need in the game.