Sometimes you see a player doing things on a pitch that make you remember why you fell in love with the beautiful game.

One of those players is Eden Hazard, who in his prime looked unstoppable at times. 

Hazard’s football journey began in France, where his games for Lille revealed his talents and quickly caught the eye of scouts. He moved to Chelsea in 2012 and he became key to the Blues’ attack. In his time at Stamford Bridge Hazard became renowned for his mesmerising dribbled and being able to unlock even the tightest defences with his agility and touch on the ball.

At Chelsea he won two Premier League trophies, an FA Cup, and a UEFA Europa League title. Individually, he scooped up the PFA Young Player of the Year and the FWA Footballer of the Year awards, and he was a fan favourite earning 352 appearances, netting 110 goals and providing 92 assists, etching his name into the club’s history books.

Hazard soon attracted the attention of Spanish giants Real Madrid, and in 2019 he made the move to become a galactico. He had his moments of brilliance but persistent injuries got the better of him and are no doubt one of the main factors leading to his retirement.

“After 16 years and more than 700 matches played, I have decided to end my career as a professional footballer,” said Hazard in his announcement.

What I liked a lot about Eden is that he made me enjoy my time when I revisited Stamford Bridge. I saw the magic live and I am sure a lot of people that had seen him at the Bridge thought the same.

Sometimes as a footballer you can feel unstoppable and look it as well. He was a player no one could tell me was easy to mark. With his back to goal he was as dangerous as some players can only be when they turn. We go to the stadium to be entertained and watching him he could do that sometimes on his own.

He was a joy to watch when he was feeling good and ready to do whatever he wanted. He could make people fall, score and made opponents lose their confidence, thinking they had him but it was only a thought process that was waiting for the reality to happen.

All that’s left to say is thank you for the memories and best of luck in whatever you decide to do next Eden! #mmlove