Haaland kicked his Premier League career off with a bang and it’s going to be interesting to see how he continues from here.

When I looked at the game on Sunday, I saw such a hungry player that was so focused on getting what he has been thinking about all summer. He is a man on a mission of making his father proud each game, and he did that in his first match of the season. 

He celebrated the goal by looking at his father, but what made it sweeter is how he bounced back off how they were criticising him so quickly after the Liverpool game.

Some people have to understand that players from overseas need time, because it isn’t that easy to come abroad and perform exactly like you did at your previous club. 

Having said that we have been waiting to see him score because that has never been a problem for him. And how powerful did he look making that happen. As soon as he got his first goal he made sure to surprise Areola for his second in getting to the ball before he could stop it with his hand. 

What I like a lot about any player, including Haaland, is when they have the determination and do whatever it takes. Haaland has no fear and that is needed when you come to the Premier League, especially knowing that some players will kick you and be a lot more physical than other leagues. But he has that physical presence and look in his eyes that says, “is that all you’ve got?”

This was his first intro and I look forward to seeing more of this happing in the games to come. Normally when you’re that tall it is harder to get going but his acceleration is like anyone that is shorter than him. Saturday it’s Bournemouth on the calendar and they won their first game so will be full of confidence playing against him after beating Villa.

How could you not love the reaction of him after the game, because you could see he did not even want to come off because there was so much he had in his plan. This is a player that when you play with him as a teammate, after training he will be upset if he leaves without scoring, so imagine his desire in the games. 

It will be interesting to see how he will handle the games when his playing time will be shorter, because I am sure we will witness a striker that takes every training and game personally in the sense of I need to score and one goal isn’t enough. #mmlove