Haaland is a player that sometimes makes the beautiful game look easy. His combination of speed, strength and technique make him a nightmare for defenders, and there are clips of his goals where it looks like a man playing against boys.

Part of the reason for this is that Haaland did not grow until he was well into his teenage years, so he had to rely on technique and intelligence as a young player, before he grew and became strong and dangerous in the air. This makes a deadly combination, and he is a very confident player that believes in himself a lot more than some others. It’s important to not change this to arrogance and keep the focus on confidence.

His numbers speak for themselves too. Haaland has scored 78 goals in 70 league starts over the past four seasons, as well as 23 goals in 19 appearances in the Champions League. Those stats of scoring more than one goal per game are the kind you normally would associate with the two guys in their own special club, Ronaldo and Messi.

Haaland’s big challenge now is going to be adjusting to the Premier League where he might not have as much time on the ball as he has done in the Bundesliga. Man City are the club to get his signature, and it’s going to be interesting to see the impact he will have in arguably the most competitive league in the world.

I’m sure his father Alfie Haaland will have made him well aware of his experiences in the Premier League and this would have likely been a key part of his decision to play for the same club as his father.

He’s a direct player and it will be a different system for him under Pep, but we’ve seen Pep get the best out of his players again and again so there’s no reason why it would be different this time. Haaland’s patience will be tested though, because we all know how Pep likes to rest his players at times when the player feels like he is ready to play.

The title race could be as close as ever next season, and while Man City don’t struggle for goals, this will add a new dimension for them and maybe increase their already impressive goals per game ratio. #mmlove