It’s never easy to go to Old Trafford and control the game for 90 minutes, but when I saw the first 15 minutes of Lampard’s opening game of the new Premier League campaign, I was happy with how organized the team looked.

I thought this is going to be an interesting game, especially when Chelsea came close with Tammy Abraham’s shot that hit the post. After that Mount had a couple of times where he was caught in two minds about striking and passing, and when he passed it ended up being the wrong choice.

Then Zouma conceded the penalty which there was no dispute about, which worrying but Chelsea stayed in the game. They kept the focus early on and I think the key thing is that they have to make sure they can keep it for 90 minutes. I felt they allowed Man Utd to score consecutive goals too fast, and you can’t let the game slip away that fast. That’s why Zouma has to work on the small mistakes he makes because he is at the heart of the defence and you can’t afford to make them.

There is another big game coming up and it’s tough for Frank that he has to work against the best straight away. Normally you would want an easier run to get yourself warmed up and in a good position, but that doesn’t happen at this level as we all know. The blues will be facing a polished Liverpool side that kicked their season off strongly with a 4-1 win over Norwich, and I think this game will be even harder than the one on Sunday. 

Liverpool have been playing together with the same coach for some time while Chelsea is trying to establish what the best team is, while also waiting for key players to come back into the team. Salah looked dangerous and the team were off to a flying start, with a squad that has changed little since the Champions League win back in June.

We could all see that Chelsea want to dominate the game by keeping the ball, but they surely have to work on their defensive unit as a team. When they have that all worked out for 90 minutes I really see this team causing some upsets and slowly starting to create their own stars with the help of a young manager who wants to win the game by combining good football with character. #mmlove