Bayern Munich have won seven Bundesliga titles in a row, and that fact has led many people to say that Germany’s top tier is too predictable. But that is not the case so far this season!

The Bundesliga is currently the tightest league in Europe with just two points separating the top 9 clubs after eight games. Borussia Mönchengladbach are the current league leaders with 16 points, and a better goal difference than Wolfsberg who are the only remaining unbeaten side. Following them are the usual suspects Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund, plus RB Leipzig all on 15 points. Freiburg, Schalke, Frankfurt and Leverkusen are close behind with 14 points each.

Bayern Munich’s draw with Augsberg at the weekend is the 4th time they have dropped points this season, and it looks like it won’t be an easy ride to the title this time. Dortmund have given them some close battles for the title in recent seasons, and now RB Leipzig have become one of the most interesting sides in Germany, finishing as runners up in 2018.

RB Leipzig were founded in 2009 and started in Germany’s fifth tier, before quickly earning promotion up the ranks to make it to the top league in just seven seasons. When they arrived in the Bundesliaga they went unbeaten in their first 13 games, breaking a record for the longest undefeated streak of a promoted team to the Bundesliga.

The rise has been met with some criticism due to the investment from Red Bull which has led to such a fast rise. When the club was founded some fans of other clubs in the local region protested and many people in Germany say it is a “plastic club”. However you look at it, they have shaken up the German game and could be a real title contender this season.

But the biggest problem in the league is that not every squad has depth like Bayern Munich. Bayern always have enough quality to play competitively for the Bundesliga and the Champions League, where other teams only have the possibility to compete in one competition. And even when they focus on the league they don’t seem to have the focus to go all the way to the end, and they end up being overrun by the determination that Bayern demands from their players every season. And the moment they feel they might not have enough quality to win the league they bring in a few new players that can.

Dortmund did so well last season, but allowed Bayern to get back in the race to win it.  But this season if teams like Wolfsburg and Gladbach can keep their focus and keep going the whole way it be more exciting. #mmlove