England are through to the Quarter Finals of Euro 2024, but you have to see it’s by the skin of their teeth.

Slovakia led 1-0 for most of the game, and even though England had a lot of the possession after that, they didn’t create any clear cut chances and it was looking like they were going to go out of the tournament without much of a fight.

In reality we know the players always want to win, but as a fan watching the game it did not look like England we’re going to make it happen, especially when you see the amount of talent in that team. It was looking like a repeat of 2016 when England were knocked out by Iceland in a shock defeat, but Jude Bellingham stepped up and took things into his hands with a 95th minute Bicycle kick to take the game to extra time.

It was one of the biggest moments of the tournament so far and it seemed to come out of nowhere. The game looked like it was going to fizzle out and end 1-0, and I think it even took a lot of England fans off guard when the ball hit the net (especially the one who had left the stadium and had to rush back side).

It was a moment of individual brilliance that rescued England, and then Kane scored a minute into extra time to seal the win and help England progress to the quarters where they will face Switzerland.

Switzerland have looked well-organised in the tournament and beat Italy in the last round, and I think you have to say a big improvement is needed from England to beat Switzerland. Southgate has been criticised by England supporters for his tactics and it will be interesting to see if some changes to the system are made in the next game to help England speed up their play and make sure they can surprise their opponent during their attack. If not the Swiss will wait and try to outsmart them as a team, which can always beat great talent that play as individuals.