From the start of the season I made it clear that City and United would be the teams to respect.

Both have got their tactics on point and look like they can score from any position. Even when fans, pundits, and the press question their style of play, the two managers will stick to what they think is best for their teams.

Man City in particular have so much talent going forward, even when one of the league’s most deadly strikers Aguero is sidelined due to injury. Imagine if the goal machine Harry Kane was out of the Spurs side – they would struggle to get the goals. But City have Jesus and others to deliver the goods in Aguero’s absence.

Man Utd is a different team that is focused purely on results. It doesn’t matter how they beat you, but they just want to make sure they get what they need out of the game. Like their game against Liverpool at the weekend – where you can argue that Klopp’s men were the better team, but they could not finish the game off, so you have to say the result was better for Mourinho.

I do worry about Chelsea to be honest. They have a great striker in Morata but look lost now that he is injured. And I’m not sure they have enough belief in Batsu because he hasn’t been starting, usually coming on from the bench. A striker needs confidence and belief from his team to fire them to the wins they need.

But who else can do it if they don’t want to play a striker? They tried it with Hazard, but found that they need quick wingers because Eden likes to drop deep to pick the ball up, and if no one goes deep they won’t be able to stretch teams. It also means that if they lose the ball in the midfield the pressure will be on immediately.

My main concern is that I hope they don’t become predictable like they were towards the end of Mourinho’s second spell. Opponents knew how to stop them and once that happens the team starts playing against itself.

I do agree there has to be more quality added to the squad, and if the club doesn’t want to invest in more talent than please add some young blood to the team and take some risks because at the very least, they will be unpredictable to anyone facing them.