There is no doubt that Arsenal have been playing the most attractive football in the Premier League for some time now. But it’s always a story that people talk about at the start of every season. The fans want Arsene Wenger to spend more and strengthen the side, but Arsenal have a quiet transfer window and don’t fill the gaps that the fans see in their team.

They need more players that have the skill and character like the invincibles of 2004. But when is that going to happen? Everyone is asking.

Is it because they wait too long to make their move in the transfer market and chase the same players as the other teams in the Premier league, and the price get’s too high?

Arsene made a comment that when you want a player for the Premier League, the asking price can go from 2 to 3 times higher. That one of the reasons some clubs move quickly in the transfer window so they can get their man before other teams can make an offer.

Things are about to change and Arsenal are not the only team that plays the beautiful possession football game because Pep Guardiola follows that same philosophy. Keep possession so the other team has to work harder to get it back, and when they’re tired they lose focus and you can break them down and capitalise.

What happens when the game they love gets played better by one of their main rivals? We’re about to find out.

Patrick Viera has said that he’s disappointed that there aren’t enough ex-Arsenal players working at the club. They gave Theirry Henry the ultimatum to choose between Sky and the Arsenal job, but few others are given that opportunity. Viera feels the club should be more like Ajax and keep the culture alive by bringing in ex-players that can keep that intact.

Viera said: “Some players want to but aren’t given the opportunity. I don’t understand it. Arsenal do still play good football, but when I watch them I feel they are missing something – the physical presence, the personality. The team is not doing as good as they were 10 years ago and you need to win football matches. They’ve been disappointing, losing games they should have won.”

I don’t think that any club would want their legends to look at their former club and hold that viewpoint.

A lot of other club’s fans would say why would we care about Arsenal’s strength, but a good Arsenal side means a more exciting season and more teams fighting for the title. And who doesn’t want that?