This is the time where we look back and think about the beautiful times with the loved ones that care some much and do so much for us.

I know a lot of us were sitting at home in front of our Christmas tree and thinking about the great food we have been eating and the classic movies we watch. My great movie was home alone. I don’t know the number of times I have watched that movie but I kept laughing every time he tricked those dumb guys when they break into his home. I was even thinking how I would use his smartness if that were to happen to me when I was younger.

We laugh, we put a smile on our loved one’s faces with unwrapping the beautiful gift under the Christmas tree and then we even laugh if you receive a bad present that doesn’t fit or has the wrong colour. We laugh and even the person that gave it to you would laugh. The presents are all based on the thoughts and not the value of the gift.

That’s why I love to work and find a way to make sure some less fortunate people have a warm meal and a warm blanket. The homeless people are my people because the appreciate the little things even more.

They have the biggest smile without having a lot to smile about and they are some of the most generous people you can meet. You give a homeless person a meal and they will find a way to share it with another, knowing that he or she could have eaten it all alone. They always think more people can or should enjoy this meal.

Think about the less fortunate ones and look over your shoulder – they are closer than you think. So reach out and share whatever you can afford. It’s great seeing them walking away with a big smile on their face and yes – you did that.