I have a good feeling about Manchester City to be leading the line in the Premier League this season, just like they did last season.

They will of course have full eyes on them to see if they can do it again, and they will be the team everyone wants to beat. Even at the moment when they make us think they are in control, with the start to the season they wanted against Burnley and Haaland scoring twice. 

It will be a hard season because it’s not only in the Premier League that teams want to beat them, but in the Champions League too as other clubs know they are the title holders. 

Pep and his tactical magic and football brain will be tested, and I am sure he will be more than ready for the challenge. I expect It’s going to be a great show!

Arsenal will push again knowing they got hurt last time, missing out in the final sprint to the title. They will try to keep the focus and build momentum over the season, knowing it can come down to consistency and not slowing down as they found out last time.

Man Utd have also been building so it will be interesting to see how they fair this time.

The Romeo Lavia and Caicedo situation is Chelsea and Liverpool’s personal battle, and it could turn into their league-table battle. The midfield is of course so important to the success of a team and the key signing made between now and the end of the transfer window will have a big impact on the season.

Both are going after a season of reinventing each other and having started their Sunday game already. 

They are both building the midfield which is where a lot of battles get won and you can bring calmness to your team. 

Newcastle will be tested this season, and it might be the perfect time to see if their team is capable of performing in the Premier League and the Champions League. I hope the team will not be full of players that have reached the top but have more in them to grow, and improve even more than last season.

Eddie Howe is always surprising a lot of fans, including myself and that is why this great UCL test will also be a nice way to give us all a way of seeing the new team that can give a lot more than we have already seen. #mmlove