A new door has opened for Eddie Howe and its exciting times at Newcastle.

He has worked hard to get himself in a situation where there are eyeballs focusing on him and he’s in a position to be considered for jobs like the Newcastle one, which will get a lot of attention as the start of a new ambitious chapter at the club.

He must be excited to know he’s got an opportunity that many coaches would love, where he knows there is a possibility to build something beautiful in the long term if he plays his cards right. There will be a lot of pressure on his shoulders because this is a job that any coach out of a job would love to have, as well as those that are working for a team at the moment but want to achieve bigger and better things.

He did an amazing job at Bournemouth on the whole. When he first made the transition from player to manager Bournemouth were facing relegation from League Two, but he managed to pull the team out of the relegation zone despite a 17-point deficit. He had a brief spell as a manager at Burnley before returning to Bournemouth in 2012 and leading the club up the football league until they turned promotion to the Premier League in 2015.

The Cherries avoided relegation by five points in their first season in the top flight, and did amazing to finish 9th the following season. Howe kept Bournemouth up in the Premier league for five years before facing relegation.

Howe built a team that wanted to play football knowing they didn’t have the big pockets to compete with the big boys in the Premier League. Now he has the financial needs at Newcastle and has to see if he can persuade the club to follow his instructions by using the financial side well, because that would be another job for him to tackle. 

It’s great having finance behind you but you still have to find the diamonds in the rough and trying to pay close attention to the price a player is worth. Because when the clubs with big pockets come after the talents of other clubs they love putting the prices up and making them feel they need to put down more than when it’s another, smaller team. The price seems to start 10m-20m higher when the selling club knows the buyer has financial backing.

This will be a big change for him and a lot more agents will blow up his phone than they did when he was at Bournemouth. It will be up to him how much he gets affected by leading a team with the deepest pockets in football that are looking to bring glory back to Newcastle. #mmlove