Don’t Call It A Comeback

Hazard had a difficult season last year and on a few occasions we talked about his drop of form, injuries and the drama that was happening at the blues.

Now that is all behind us because my favourite Chelsea player is back to his best. When he’s at his best there is no stopping him. He’s built like a tank and with his low centre of gravity and agility is for sure one of the hardest players to stop when he changes direction.

He’s deadly in a 1v1 situation, can score and set people up and l would say “that’s the player I would pay to go and watch.” That’s why Chelsea are consistently doing well this season – because I know the eyes are on him and it won’t be long before another club will try to lure him away from Chelsea. His age would make him a great investment that everyone would bank on (including Chelsea, I hope!)

Jermain Defoe is the perfect example of a player who will never stop scoring. If I look at Defoe play now and compare it to the day’s I was playing against him, it’s not a big difference and he’s still hard to mark. He maybe lost a bit of his pace but when he’s around the box you can’t really see that. When there is something happening around the box you can’t take your eyes off him because the ball will always drop his way.

He also has one of the shortest back lifts, so he will surprise you with his quick strike. He always seems like a player that is enjoying himself out on the pitch and seems to know every player he plays against personally. But I hope the defenders stop getting tricked for their sake, because the nicer he is the more he will do what it takes to score against you, and most times he does.

Falcao has always been one of the strikers to watch, especially when he was at Atletico Madrid. I don’t know how but that club always seems to find top strikers.
Look at Fernando Torres, Deigo Costa and now Antoine Griezman who is on everyone’s wish list. They all have similarities – high energy players that don’t give up if they miss a chance because they know they will get another one. They score easily and play with a lot of passion and confidence that natural leaders always possess.

And Falcao has all of that. Some people in the UK would ask what is Mario smoking, when Falcao arrived at Man Utd after his tough injury he never got back to his best. Then he went to Chelsea and I thought I would see the best of him but he still failed to get up to speed. But now the mean man has found his form again in the most exciting young team in Europe. Monaco is full of great young stars and they are one of the best teams to watch at the moment.

The thing that these three, Hazard, Defoe and Falcao have in common is one of the most beautiful things in life. When people think you can’t or would never be able to do something and you prove them wrong.