Meeting David Blaine

I went for a catch-up dinner with a friend of mine called David.

He told me about this nice restaurant he always goes to that serves Sushi that tastes out of this world and wanted us to meet there. As I walk into the restaurant it looked really old school. But luckily I brought my mindset of going to a great Italian restaurant – because the best Italians are family run, passed on from generation to generation, mostly vintage-looking but serving freshly made food by grandma and grandad.

That was the case here because grandad was still making the dinners and the son would run the orders. That’s why they are closed at the weekend and only open for a few hours each day.

As I walked in I saw no one else than one of my favourite magicians, sitting behind my friend David. I asked him do you know who is sitting behind you and he said he didn’t. I know why. Because his mind was on that amazing sushi, but my mind was thinking this dude is super dope. When I had just moved to London he had begun an endurance stunt where he sealed himself in a glass cube suspended 30 feet in the air for 44 days, with no food, just water.

It was of course David Blaine.

This all was during the time I was at Chelsea and every time I got home from training I would watch his progress via the webcam they had set up for people to see how he was doing.

The day he came out he was so weak and I thought he was close to losing his life.

As he got ready to leave the restaurant I couldn’t stop myself from walking up to him with the classic question, “aren’t you David Blaine?” He said yes and I told him his tricks are out of this world. The gentleman he is, he thanked me and asked me where I was from. I answered with a smile and thought this is my chance for a picture, and asked him to do a trick.

The picture was not a problem and then he flipped a pack of cards out and within a few seconds the whole restaurant got up and it turned into little event.

We are all around him and he asked everyone to come closer. He asked the owner’s son to shuffle the cards then he asked a couple to pull a card out and show everyone before putting it back in the pack. The guy does it and David asked him to shuffle the cards again.

He asked for his age and he answered 25, so David took 25 cards out and at the last card he goes “was this your card?” The guy said “no it wasn’t” and I thought David, did you just mess up.

His mood changed a bit and he goes to the girl “what’s your age?” and she answered 22. He asked her to count 22 and his card will be the next one. She counts and at the last card the guy said that was also not his card. Imagine how the room was at that point. You could hear a pin drop and David asked “are you sure you know your card?”

The guy turns red and get’s uncomfortable but answered “yes I know what my card was.” David goes how can we go trough a pack of cards and your card isn’t in it?

David said “guys, he killed the trick” and the guy tried to defend himself. But David said “he killed the trick because he wanted to steal the card – you’re hiding it behind your watch.”

Everyone turned and looked at his watch and the card was right there, the 2 of hearts. The whole restaurant couldn’t believe it, this is not normal.

David then grabbed his cards and waved goodbye. I was just buzzing that I have a picture with the best there is.