The crazy times of football have started this weekend with Zlatan leading the way. How better could he have written his own script for his arrival in the USA? He landed in LA with a lot of passionate and happy fans waiting for him. LA Galaxy’s slogan for his arrival ‘You wanted Zlatan so we gave you Zlatan’ says a lot.

“I would not have had the energy to run with the ball, so I thought let’s just hit it,” he said after the match. And how did he strike that ball!? We all know how good he is as a player and have seen some amazing goals over his career. He’s known for scoring wonder goals, and he struck the ball perfectly to get his team’s equalizer.

And then he goes and tops it with the match-winning header. That was actually offside after seeing the replay, but even the linesman got so caught up in the Zlatan hype that he forgot he was at work, not witnessing a dream but reality. Zlatan did it again just like he had been doing at so many of Europe’s top clubs, scoring important and spectacular goals, and grabbing the headlines.

Now that would have been enough for one week, but across the globe in Europe we have another player who has been doing things like Zlatan and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in football even further, to scary levels. Yes, Ronaldo did it again by scoring against the top goalkeeper Buffon. Not a lot of players have done that or can do it. There are always mixed feelings about Ronaldo but the more you have them the better he performs.

This guy is a genius and sometimes just mouthwatering to watch. He has it all. The speed, the build, the engine and the beautiful goals. We all get to that age where you are young and try to learn the bicycle kick, hoping you get the right moment to do it in a game.

Everyone who has tried will know how technically difficult it can be, especially in front of 60,000 fans in a Champions League Quarter Final, but Ronaldo has a habit of making things look so easy. This one was special because it was against a legend that we have seen do incredible things in goal over the years for club and country. When he couldn’t stop Ronaldo you know it was pure class. Look how high he jumped, and what he did with that ball that was behind him, challenging him to see if he could be creative. The answer was, of course, he could.

Now that we have seen it all we are waiting for the other magic man to answer. He already did something special last weekend by coming on and changing the game in a short period of time, but Messi could not get the win for Barca. But now it’s his time against Rome and we will have a chance to see if he can top what these two world-class gentlemen have done.

If there is anyone in the world who can do the same or even better, it’s Messi. The battle between Ronaldo and Messi is out of this world and we might not witness anything like it anytime soon.